Can we drug Riley to calm him?

We got a message from Charlene about the muzzle and possibly how to calm Riley down.

Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 8:33 AM
Subject: Re: Remy and Riley
HI Scott — THANK YOU for writing!  I appreciate these updates more than you know.
I had not thought about the muzzle but that seems to be helping.
Also, this is probably not going to help all that much but anything is
worth a try.  The next time you go to Fresh Fields/whole foods, or any health store, pick up a bottle of Rescue Remedy.  It’s all natural and can be used for people or animals. My neigbhor 20 years ago recommended it as she used it eaach time she got a new cat.  I know a lot of people who use it when introducing new dogs or cats. I am not sure it has helped with my own dogs but I can tell you on the occassions I have used it myself it really helps — it’s calming and takes the edge off when I am anxious. Others say it does that for their dogs.
Give it to Riley and I would probably give it to Bones and Kira as
well.  In Riley’s case I would use about 10 to 12 drop a day in his food.  It’s made with essense of flowers so if nothing else he will smell good :-)only kidding about that part but again, anything is worth a try. It
may just help a bit with his rough edges.
I will be at the adoption event all day today.
Thinking of your all —

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