A visit from Pronto

We had a pretty good evening with Remy and Riley.  We had guest over who have a Jack Russel and we fixed dinner.  Bones was locked in the bedroom and we put a fairly loose fitting muzzle on Riley.  He was able to drink water with it on with no problems and it appears that he has worn a muzzle before as he didn’t seem to care much and seemed to understand that it wasn’t coming off.  Kira, Riley, Remy, and the Jack Russel were all free in the house with the doggy door locked shut.  Bones stayed locked in his bedroom.

With the muzzle on, Riley immediately went after the jack russel and the little dog ran for cover with Riley snarling and chasing him.  Before we could get to Riley he had already cornered the little dog and lunged for him only to find that he couldn’t do anything.  He then became the most docile dog I have seen in a while.  He sat in the kitchen and stayed alert while I was cooking dinner and just watched for accidental scraps to hit the floor.  None did, but he was very good.  Kira is scared of Riley and wouldn’t come in the kitchen with him in there.  We had a couple of incidences with Riley going after the Jack Russel but everyone figured out really quickly that he couldn’t hurt the Jack.  After dinner we watched a movie and everyone got along great.  Riley went from person to person wanting to be pet and never growled once.  I pet him on the head, neck, and shoulders and he just wagged his tail and seemed to like it.

This was good progress for us and turned out to be a good evening.  My hope is that we can have Bones and Riley in the same room with Riley wearing the muzzle.  Bones hasn’t been the aggressor all week but with Riley handicapped, Bones might seize the opportunity.  So, we will be very careful.

I bought the standoffs for the new part of the fence that will have the electric wire and so I will install it tomorrow (Saturday).  Then we will do limited play time for all of the dogs together where Bones and Riley can learn to get along with Riley handicapped.  Hopefully in a few weeks Riley and Bones will be able to get along without Riley muzzled.  We will watch closely.

A good side effect of the new dogs is that Kira has become much more affectionate with me.  She has always been an odd dog in that she liked to be in the room with people, but would move 6 feet away if you pet her to much.  Now she wants to be with me all the time and wants to be pet.

And, Remy is a beautiful dog.  Well mannered, sweet as can be, and just a big ole floppy bear.  He is a great pet with the strangest bark.  But he is the only one of the 4 that will talk with me when I imitate him.


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