Let’s check on those rabies shots

The great thing about living with a doctor is that Mikey fixed up my hand.  Very nice bruise a few punctures and all is OK.  Let’s make sure that he has had his rabies shots.  🙂  What Mike missed in his messages to you was that Riley has been growling at me (not Mike) just about every day and he gets fussed at with a loud “no” and he backs down.  Maybe today he just decided to push the boundary a little further.  His growling has been dismissive because I would be petting Remy and when I reached for him, he would growl, I’d fuss, he’d stop, and leave the room or go in his crate if we were in my office (where the crates are).

We walked them this morning and for the first time, Riley tried to go after Bones while Riley was on the leash.  Riley seems to have had training because when we walk them he understands stay, heel and sit.  If you keep him on a firm leash he will walk right beside you in perfect step.

I haven’t given up on him, but the thing that worries me is whether I can pet him or not, whether friends can come over (we are like an Inn to friends in the city and we usually have have guests over the weekend) without Riley being aggressive to them.  So, that is why I wanted to see if a muzzle would be effective?

Or, should I grab the dog and put him on his back and hold him down like an alpha male would do.  What do I need to do to be more assertive over him so that he doesn’t try this again?  Let’s not give up yet.  It has only been a week.


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