The home inspection

Charlene followed us home and we got here at about 3pm. We took the dogs into the back yard that has a separate fenced in area with an electric wire between the bottom two rails of the fence. We let Bones and Kira run free in the yard and introduced Remy and Riley to the yard. Kira didn’t care one bit about the other dogs, but Bones immediately had to sniff the new dogs. Remy flopped on the ground and put his feet in the air when Bones approached and after a little sniffing, they played just a little. Things looked good. Then Bones went to Riley and as soon as they got within 6 feet of each other, they both started snarling and went after each other. We had to pull them apart. Bones got a cut on his shoulder and Riley had a cut on his ear from the fight.

We held them separate and then tried letting them get close but not fight but both seemed to hate each other from the start. Charlene explained that Riley had just been neutered in December and that he would probably calm down. Given that they dogs were not getting along initially, Charlene suggested that we foster the dogs for a few weeks and see if things change. We all came inside and separated Bones and Riley and did the interview in the kitchen. At 4pm I had to step out to talk to my investor and so Mike and Charlene continued to talk. I rejoined them at about 5pm. Charlene seemed to believe that things would work out and I liked Riley. He was a happy dog but he kept his tail between his legs the entire time. I picked him up and Charlene warned me not to do that as it wasn’t a good start to the relationship. She said she was expecting Mike to be the mush with the dogs and me to be the more stern one but that she could see it was the reverse.

Charlene left at about 6pm and I sent her an email thanking her for doing the interview so rapidly after our first application.


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