Riley shows aggression

We are keeping track of the interaction by sending emails to Charlene on our progress. Riley got feisty with me and got growley. Then later Riley went after Remy. So, we have Riley in the cage and Remy locked in the room outside of the Riley cage. Remy has definitely had a hard life. When we were downstairs to play pool, the moment we picked up the pool cue Remy dropped to the floor and cowered in the corner till we put the cueues away.

Don’t read this as a complaint at all. They are nervous and in a new house so they are just defending themselves. Things will likely improve in time. Mike is home tomorrow all day with them and I will stop at the pet store and get crates for both of them. Riley has proven that he knows how to open doors on the cage so a crate is definitely the way to go.


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