Alas, no dogs for us yet

Well, Mike and I went to the adoption event at the Petco Greenbriar on Route 50 today to look at Kennison, Cajun, and Marley.  No dice.

Kennison – Wasn’t at the adoption event.  We asked about him but we were told that he was at the Fairfax event.

Cajun – I really liked Cajun and he was a cute spunky little dog.  Pointy ears, pretty brown coat, and playful.  He has heartworm and the treatment is doing more damage to him than to the worms so they have stopped the treatment for now.  But, there is a problem.  He is not neutered, and given that he is 1/4 the size of Bones (the 95 pound Brown Lab), we decided that he wouldn’t stand a chance in the house.  So, we had to pass on Cajun.

Marley – When we arrived, a family was looking at Marley and another dog.  Before we could even get close to Marley, they were loading him into a car with the other dog.  Turns out they had adopted him and had their home inspection and were there to pick him up.

Needless to say, we were disappointed.  We didn’t see any other dogs there that we really liked or that we thought would fit into the household with Bones and Kira.  So, we drove home.  We stopped at KFC (which is very rare for us) and got some chicken to console ourselves.


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