About HART90

HART is an organization that appears to be local to this area that rescues dogs and cats.  it is a no-kill organization and a not-for-profit.  The WEB site is a little busy but it does have the information that you need.  When you read about what you have to go through to get a dog, you feel a little invaded in that they do interviews and then a home visit.  But, it seems like it is OK since:

  1. It is a privately funded not-for-profit so it isn’t paid for by tax dollars or community dollars
  2. The animals have probably been through a lot and the organization has taken the time to either kennel them or find them a foster home
  3. They appear to really care about the welfare of the animals so they want to make sure that they are going to a good home

In considering to go to HART, they may decide that we are not fit for having a pet; but, since we already have 2 dogs, this seems pretty unlikely.  Even so, if they did turn us down, I would be pretty indignant about it and would probably go straight to a breeder or pet store and just get a dog.  The reaction is probably exactly opposite of what HARTis trying to accomplish.

It is rather timely for us that Washington Post just published an article about the rescue organizations.  It was pretty negative about the organizations because of the interview processes and the judgemental approach to deciding if you can adopt a dog.  It did point out the rescue organization’s point of view; but overall, it was pretty hard on the organizations.


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